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Cavendish International UK has more than 30 years of experience managing, delivering and supporting quality private higher and further education running through start up colleges and universities in the UK, Asia, Middle East, Far East, Eastern Europe and Africa. CI (UK) is committed to excellent management, learning and teaching across the higher and further education sector and over the years this institutions as participated in variety of projects and supporting the education and development of tens of thousands of individuals. It has assisted and worked with tens of HE providers to facilitate market entry, college and university set up, inter-institution collaboration including institute/programme validations and accreditation all leading to enhanced teaching and learning and change in student learning experience and financial success for business players.

Background: Cavendish College was established in London in 1985 and as the organisation grew internationally, the brand Cavendish was developed to cover the evolving and expanding activities around the world. Although all  partners are separate legal entities with full independence,  they all share a simple philosophy which the founders of Cavendish set in the first place; To Provide:

 Quality Education @ Affordable Price.

Who Is Cavendish International

Developing new partnerships and collaborations around the world is a fundamental policy of Cavendish. Cavendish history is a clear evidence of this policy. No project or proposal is too small or big for us to consider.
We believe that the only sustainable solution to the world maladies (poverty, hunger, injustice, ignorance, prejudices,) is Education, Education, and Education. We are making the world a better place by enhancing the quality of education and its accessibility.
No project is too small, No location is too far, No subject is out of reach. Our network has the capacity and the flexibility to approach these challenges. Our experience spans over thirty years of teaching students from all over the world, setting up colleges and universities in four continents.
Feel Free to contact us.
Our track record is a testimony to our dedication and belief.
Ask yourself:

Can you find a better partner?

Our Skills

Course Development and Design 85
Resource Development Strategy 90
International Market Development 95
Business Development 100

Meet Our Team

Siamak Taslimi
Siamak TaslimiFounder
An honest approach to teaching and learning is Siamak’s whole mark.
Bruce Sheppy
Bruce SheppyStrategy and Education Consultant
Vera Spender-Koubkova
Vera Spender-KoubkovaChange Management & Corporate Strategist
Dr. Mamad Pourhosseini
Dr. Mamad PourhosseiniEconometrics Consultant

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