The demand for men and women with specialised knowledge and recognised qualifications is greater now than it has ever been. Business growth and technological development throughout the world will continue to fuel this demand to the extent that success will only come to the very best.

LCM exists to provide course content, examinations and qualifications for those ambitious individuals who want to succeed, whether in positions of responsibility in business, industry or the arts or higher academic and professional courses.

Overseas educational institutes, colleges and universities (Centres) have the opportunity to offer the courses of the London Centre of Management (LCM).

Qualifications are available at Single Subject, Certificate, Diploma and Advanced / Executive Diploma Level.

Over 40 career courses/qualifications are available in the following subject areas

  • Business & Management
  • Computing / I
  • Hotel & Catering Management
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Public Service Administration
  • Banking
  • Export/Import Management
  • Secretarial Studies


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