Be Authentic

Be Authentic

Stay True to You.

No One Cares About Your Dreams as Much as You.

I was a kid when I heard the words that helped shape my career.

“Bill, always remember,” my mother said before bed, “the best part of you is you.”

With these seven words, my mother taught me to

honour my instincts, pursue my desires, believe in my potential, and stay true to my passions…. Most important, she taught me to trust myself especially when others did not.

Today, my mom’s advice can be condensed into two words: Be authentic.

I’ve spent my life committed to staying true to myself. Yet at almost every phase of my career, my authenticity had been challenged.

I’m not alone. We all come up against pressures — corporate dynamics, social expectations, rules of engagement, public opinion, our own fears — that put us in positions to make choices or act in ways not in line with who we are, what we want, or what we believe.

And while we must make compromises — and not cross boundaries of respectability — the real trick is not to make so many concessions that we compromise our true selves.

So follow these principles to keep your career on an authentic track:

Remember, no one cares about your career as much as you.

Like me, you have dreams, but it’s no one’s responsibility to ensure your dreams come true. That’s up to you. So take initiative. Identify and go after opportunities to ensure that your career path is paved by your desires — not by chance or circumstance.

Use your words, not someone else’s.

How we express ideas is as important as the ideas themselves. Better our language be authentic to us than acceptable to others. If not, the message — as well as people’s trust in us — is lost.

Choose to do what you do well.

When we put ourselves in positions that emphasize our strengths, we maintain confidence in our abilities and aspirations, and are less susceptible to naysayers who try and steer us off our course.

Commit to emotional honesty.

Emotions reveal to others what moves us and what matters. Expressing our feelings is the most authentic thing we can do at work.

  • Creating a career of authenticity is a challenge at every age and every stage.
  • Honor your dreams, use your voice, believe in your skills, express your heart.
  • Bottom line, trust yourself. Because the best part of you really is you.




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