By: Savvy Traditionally, leadership development coaching has been an expensive service reserved for only an organization’s senior-most executives. E-Learning is changing this paradigm by making cost-effective leadership development programs available to leaders at all levels of the organization. Savvy Transition program represents the collective wisdom of highly experienced executive coaches, leadership development professionals, and researchers who have studied the characteristics of successful leaders. Savvy Transition: An Online Playbook and Toolkit For Leaders In Transition

Savvy Transition is an online structured six-month program of coaching and tools designed to help a leader excel in his/her new or expanded role. The program engages the leader in collaborative efforts with supervisors, peers, direct reports, clients or customers, and key stakeholders. Because a leader’s success depends on forging constructive relationships with these stakeholders, you will find that the program continually directs the leader toward others — for information exchange, alliance building, and visioning work.

Designed for leaders at all levels of the organization, Savvy Transition is specifically targeted to:
  • Existing leaders taking on expanded responsibilities
  • Individuals newly appointed to a leadership role
  • Individuals just hired into a leadership role The program content enables leaders to more quickly integrate into their roles, and achieve higher performance in a shorter period of time.

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Savvy Transition: performance comparison

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Savvy Transition is a six-month online program organized around 4 Transition Phases, 6 Focus Areas, 21 Transition Activities, and is supported by 40+ Transition Tools to help leaders be successful.

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  • Taking Hold (Month 1) focuses on clarifying the leader’s role, building relationships, paving the way for necessary changes, and targeting specific factors affecting the leader’s success.
  • Immersion (Month 2) focuses on building awareness of strengths and needs of the leader and key stakeholders. The leader learns to leverage insights about the organization’s systems, politics, and culture.
  • Reshaping (Months 3-4) focuses on assessing team competencies and development needs, managing conflicting agendas, promoting an inclusive culture, creating a vision for the future and securing buy-in for that vision.
  • Consolidation (Months 5-6) focuses on future challenges and opportunities. The leader repairs and enhances stakeholder relationships, builds support for the vision, and measures progress to date and charts the path forward.

Transition Activities Tools

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  • The four phases are supported by 21 transition activities designed to help leaders develop practices that they can use the rest of their career. The activities enable leaders to learn and understand core leadership concepts, skills, and techniques, and then incorporate them into their thinking and daily work routines.
  • Embedded in the transition activities are 40+ tools to help leaders analyze, plan, and execute their transitions. Tools are downloadable in MS Word and Excel formats and can be easily customized.
  • A Dashboard provides a snapshot view of the leader’s progress against the 21 transition activities. Focus Areas
  • Six focus areas help leaders identify critical objectives, work with teams, develop relationships, build self-awareness, understand the organization, and partner with supervisors. Savvy Transition: dashboard Savvy Transition Benefits Savvy Transition provides benefits at three levels – to individual leaders (users of the system), the leaders’ supervisors, and leadership development professionals.

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  • Identify critical steps you must take to maximize your success
  • Negotiate with key stakeholders to achieve results-oriented, rewarding, interdependent business relationships
  • Build high-performing coalitions of people who achieve business results
  • Communicate successfully from a strong leadership platform
  • Assess the organization’s culture, your learning needs, and achieve your learning goals

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  • Avoid the most common mistakes of leaders
  • Engage effectively with you and other key stakeholders
  • Learn practical skills and techniques that really work
  • Resolve conflict in a professional and productive manner

For Leadership Development Professionals

  • Provide an affordable turnkey solution for your leaders
  • Enable leaders to more quickly integrate into their roles
  • Build a strong foundation for long-term success of your leaders
  • Increase employee engagement and performance by cultivating high-quality leaders More Information Learn more by visiting the Savvy Transition website at: There you will find screenshots and a video overview.

If you are an internal leadership development/HR/L&D professional and would like to request a demo, you may sign-up here: Savvy Transition: Demo Request