In today’s climate, companies that want to attract and retain the best talent will look for the best ways to develop employees along the way. If that describes your company, you have to invest in people with the understanding that you’re going to help them grow professionally. Paradoxically, though, developing employees will likely help you retain the high performers among them.

Secrets to keeping the best talent in 2017

This old story about two managers discussing investments in their employees’ professional development illustrates this paradox pretty well:

“What if we pay to train these people, and then they leave?” one manager wonders.

“What if we don’t pay to train them, and they stay?!” the more astute manager asks.


Investment in Technology:

Around one-third would quit a job if the technology they were using was out-dated or inefficient. HR needs to understand the digital needs of the business and be part of the conversation around digitisation.

Communication Strategy:

Employees also want to be heard. Ultimate Software found that 75% are more likely to stay with a company longer if they felt their concerns were being heard and addressed; a higher proportion than those looking for recognition for their ideas. Meanwhile 71% rate open communication with their managers as a significant contributor to job fulfilment.

Learning and Development

The opportunity for growth and development at work is now a major differentiator. Employees look for personal and professional development, and opportunity to stretch and develop their skills and take on new challenges that is important.

These changes all point to a new approach for recruitment and talent management. People need to be found, developed and retained differently. Employees now look for organisations that can help them grow, develop and achieve their potential.

Everyone has talent. It is finding the people right for the business and the role, irrespective of background and work trajectory, that organisations need to focus on.

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